Royal Crest Homes Inc.  builds both inventory homes as well as build to suite homes. The Pre-Construction and Construction process is applied to both situations.
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  • Site Selection:  The site selection is one of the most important elements in the entire process.  We strive to locate sites that are ideally located within a neighborhood, have manageable contours, are treed, and are not backing up or siding anything negative.  

 Robert is a licensed Real Estate                    Broker and will assist you in locating              and securing a homesite.

  • Site Evaluation:  We employ the services of an independent Geological testing firm to conduct a soils test on each lot prior to having the foundation engineered.

  • Foundation Design:  Every homes foundation is designed by a Certified Structural Engineer.

  • Plan Design:  We do not purchase stock plans.  Each home is designed to accommodate the lot and the current buyers desires.

  • Bidding of Plan:  Each plan is then submitted to the appropriate sub contractor(s) who provide us with a written bid on the project.

  • Sub Contractor Selection:  Robert hires only proven sub contractors.  He is very familiar with the sub contractor base in Dallas, Texas, having been in the industry since 1989.  


  • Communication:  We put this first because any construction project is doomed for failure without establishing effective communications with both our sub contractor's and most importantly our buyer's.  Our buyer's are called and updated on a weekly basis.  This insures they are kept aware of what has been accomplished and what is scheduled to be accomplished.  We demand constant communication with our clients.

  • Pre-Construction Planning:  We strive to have everything picked out on each house prior to starting the home.  This insures that we maintain a smooth, uninterrupted building schedule.  Buyer's of our inventory homes are supplied with specific budgets for certain elements of the house such as appliances, painting, trim and landscaping.  Buyer's can make changes to these as long as it is feasible for both the builder as well as the buyer.

  • Sub-Contractor Selection:  We strive to hire only proven vendors, who have demonstrated their abilities over time.

  • Scheduling:  The two basic elements of proper scheduling are timing and time.  In other words scheduling the proper vendor to complete a specific task and allowing that vendor the proper time to complete the task.  This enables the vendor to concentrate on doing a quality job.

  • Site Maintenance:  A well organized and tightly ran job is a critical aspect of controlling quality.

  • Quality Inspections:  Our homes are inspected by a third party inspector at the completion of the following stages:
1.  Form board survey.
2.  Pre-pouring of the foundation.
3.  Foundation pour.
4.  Framing.  This includes the                           framing and all of the                                    mechanicals.
5.  Final inspection at completion.

  • Warranty:  Every home we build comes with a third party 10 year Limited Structural Warranty.
  • Your major mechanicals are covered during the first two years.  This is your HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • The structural warranty is in place for years one through ten.


Pre-Construction Process
Selection Process
Post Construction Process
Selection Process:  

  • All selections may have already been made on our current available homes. A buyer can definitely change these selections if the selection has not been ordered, released or already installed.  

  • A buyer will be able to go to a specific vendor’s show-room and change any    selections that are available to change. The way it works is this:  Let's say a buyer goes to a particular vendor’s show room. The buyer will be shown what is currently selected for the home.  Then the vendor representative will show the buyer other selections that are available that would not cost them additional money.  Let's say the   buyer does want an item that costs more.  The vendor will determine if they can price the item then or if they will have to call the builder first.